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Press Releases

Javtec Solutions launches its Live Web Support and Customer Service Portal

Toronto, Ontario, January 1st 2011 - Javtec Solutions Inc., an experienced Software-as-a-Service and business solutions provider, announced today the launch of its Live Web Support and Customer Service Portal.  Through the new portal, Javtec customers can go online at any time to check case status and histories, delivery dates, and other information that previously required calling customer support representatives.  The result is a dramatic improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"The ability to help our customers online is a great time saver and provides the efficient service our customers need," said Ryan Denneny, President and CTO for Javtec.  "We want our customers to know that Javtec is truly dedicated to excellence in customer service and support."

About Javtec Solutions
Javtec Solutions Inc. is an innovative software development and consulting company that delivers end-to-end, industry-specific solutions that improve business operations and build competitive advantage in today's Internet economy.  As an Application Service Provider, Javtec eliminates the need to buy, install or maintain hardware, software or networks and can be implemented at a significantly lower cost than traditional enterprise software.  Specializing in Customer Management Technologies for SMEs, Javtec delivers managed solutions that enable organizations to effectively support and retain their most important asset: their customers.  Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive suite of managed solutions for E-commerce, Project Management, Content Management and Group Collaboration.  Javtec Solutions Inc. is based in Milton, Ontario, Canada and can be found on the Web at www.javtec.com